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Available Courses

  • An introductory course on computer concepts and techniques for the novice computer user. Students will build knowledge to better understand the function and use of the Windows operating system as it applies to managing one's computer system, data, resources, and software applications.

    Fundamentals of efficient management of electronic files/folders in a business office. Students learn the concepts of creating, viewing and navigating through levels of folders for file storage on the hard drive and flash drives.

  • This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrolment key

    In this course, students will learn how to create a personal or business website using Adobe’s DreamWeaver. We will explore the core aspects of new site creation, editing, and maintenance. This includes learning how to read and work with HTML, creating a site plan and directory structure before coding the site and studying existing websites to understand how they work.

    We will learn how to incorporate text, graphics, photographs, audio, video and animations in the site as well as use tables to control layout. The instructor will also discuss how to get a free web hosting account, how to register a domain name, and how to upload web files to a web server.

  • This course is designed to familiarize students with the workspace, tools, features and functionality of Photoshop Elements, Adobe's photo-editing software for amateur photographers, digital imaging enthusiasts, and small business users.

    As the name implies, Photoshop Elements is built around core elements of Adobe Photoshop, excluding some of the more advanced, professional-level features and adding its own unique features specifically for photo-hobbyists.

    Photoshop Elements incorporates many of Photoshop's powerful features without being too overwhelming to the novice user.

  • Prerequisites: Basic Windows Skills

    Flash is the industry's most advanced authoring environment for creating interactive websites, digital experiences and mobile content. With Flash, creative professionals design and author interactive content rich with video, graphics, and animation for truly unique, engaging websites, presentations or mobile content.

    This introductory class takes you through basic Flash from the ground up. Students will become familiar with the Flash interface, learn how to use the drawing and text tools, work in the various Flash object modes, work with graphics, layers and symbols, import sound and images and finally learn how to create animations. Students will also learn how to publish their Flash movie to the web and have access to online videos and tutorials so that they can go deeper into specific topic areas.